Female FTSE Board Report


Female FTSE Board Report

01 June 2023

The Female FTSE Board Report is an annual publication looking at trends in women’s representation on FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 boards and reporting on its latest research.

Produced by Cranfield School of Management the report pioneered the measuring of the number of women on FTSE boards since 1999. The report provides a particular focus on FTSE 100 boards, where it charts the ages and tenure of directors and the overall changing profile of the boards. Each year the report takes a distinctive research topic; recently these have included a study of how executive succession planning needs to be examined more robustly at board level, the use of targets in organisations, the lack of women in Chair role and whether a critical mass of women on the board helps to increase the number of women in executive roles.

The latest version of the report is available to download as a PDF, via the button below. Previous versions of the report are also available below the video.

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